The History of the National Baptist Convention

By Rev. Prof. G Muzhombwe

History is important because the way that people perceive their past will radically influence their perceptions of both the present and the future. It has relevance to the present. Within the perimeters of historical significance we can investigate the past, how the historical processes progresses and what we learn from the past. It is important to note that we can use the past and the present experiences to peep into the future.

History is an account of what people do and the consequences of their actions. People shape history but they can be victims of what they shape. Thus people should shape history in a way which will help them to have confidence in themselves and to have hopes for a better future. History not only looks at people's memories and experiences but at their hopes and beliefs.

In shaping history, people must remember that God is guiding history forward and at the appropriate time, God will bring history to its end or its final goal.

National Baptist Convention was born on 18th August 1989 as a result of wanting to always abound in the work of the Lord by extending the mark laid out by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Furthermore it was through differences with the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe that led to the expulsion of four churches (Ambassador Baptist Church, Luveve Baptist Church, Mzilikazi Baptist Church and Mkoba Baptist Church). These four churches came together and formed the Convention with an interim national Executive Committee also being chosen. We are also a product of the Southern Baptist Convention (USA) until 1989.

National Baptist Convention is affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe. The Convention became members of EFZ in 1991 at the EFZ Annual General Meeting in Bulawayo.

NBC is also affiliated to the All Africa Baptist Fellowship (AABF) and the Baptist World

Alliance (B WA). We became members of these bodies in August 1993 during the BWA General Council which was held in Harare. After this meeting we then became members of the Association of Baptist Denominations in Zimbabwe.

The NBC is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs (Marriage Registry) to have people who can be marriage officers. The first marriage officer was Rev. P. F Moyo.

In 1994, we established some historic link with the Baptist Missionary Society (UK) for partnership and co-operative work. NBC still continuing in partnership with them. Through this partnership NBC have had exchange programmes for youths and a missionary personnel (Rev Phi Igoe) coming to assist us for a short period.

NBC is a national fellowship and umbrella body representing NBC churches affiliated to it. It is also a program for and with NBC churches. It is also an organization involving NBC churches. Our thrust since inception is church planting and development. This is born out of the realization that NBC need to always abound in the work of our Lord by reaching out to the unreached areas with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hence we seek to enlarge our borders by planting at least three churches per year. From four churches originally NBC have since grown to 30+ churches with a membership of 3000+. Whilst this goal of planting three churches per year, we do also acknowledge that the local church has to play its part in extending the mark laid out by Lord Jesus Christ, they also have to enlarge their borders through church planting. If the local church remains faithful to the Great Commission then we will be able to see our Convention multiplying churches.

Therefore, NBC under the Lordship of Jesus Christ seeks:

  1. To link and unite the whole body for fellowship and service.
  2. To fulfill the Great Commission and its social implication to the needs of mankind.
  3. To service and facilitate programmes of the member churches by promoting leadership training, church planting, church growth and an annual conference.

About NBC

National Baptist Convention was born on 18th August 1989 as a result of wanting to always abound in the work of the Lord by extending the mark laid out by our Lord Jesus Christ.


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