Why The Existence of NBC?

NBC is a family and therefore seeks to give a sense of belonging. NBC is Lin existence to service and facilitation of programmes of the member bodies. NBC overcomes individual church limitations, mobilizing and liberating energies for organizational goals and individual's church's satisfaction. In other words NBC is maximum effectiveness. When the gifts of many persons are mobilized they produce maximum effectiveness and broaden the base of local church's action in mission. The results of the coordination of efforts are greater than the sum of individual effort that is when you put it together you get a lot more.

At her inception in 1989, NBC as a ministry developed some goals and objectives. These are as follows:

  • To plant and develop Christian Churches.
  • To strengthen the ministry of the local church that is evangelism, discipleship and church planting.
  • To unite NBC churches under one umbrella.
  • To conduct programs that are conducive for spiritual, numerical, geographical and financial growth.
  • To provide and promote fellowship, inspiration, education and training through the Annual Conference and other gatherings.
  • To develop the NBC churches to be effective and responsible members in their churches, community and nation.
  • To coordinate and promote development and relief assistance in needy areas.

Out of these goals and objectives, the programs came into being. NBC as a service ministry of the Baptist churches affiliated to it, does only what member bodies cannot do by promoting under the Lordship of Jesus Christ the following programmes:

  • Ministry Development for Pastors thus fostering leadership development through the Pastors' Vision and challenge and the pastors' conferences.
  • Leadership Training and Development thus building quality leadership that is leaders who are knowledgeable (informed), responsible and skilled.
  • Evangelism and church planting out to unreached areas.
  • Aid and Development
  • Program Organization which includes the Youth Ministries, women's ministries, Men's Ministries, and Children's Ministries.

These goals, objectives and programs are well coordinated through a structure:
National Assembly
This is the decision making body. Representatives or delegates of all member churches comprise the assembly which meets annually and has ultimate control.
Observers to this meeting are free to share concerns, needs, and contributions to enhance such business of the NBC as necessary and to enjoy a time of fellowship. The observers do not have a voting status.
National Executive Comittee
Standing Committees/Ad Hoc Committees

About NBC

National Baptist Convention was born on 18th August 1989 as a result of wanting to always abound in the work of the Lord by extending the mark laid out by our Lord Jesus Christ.


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